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SmartSigger has some of the best betting minds writing for us. Below you can find out more about the people who contribute to SmartSigger.

John F. Jackson

John Jackson (aka jacko). b1955. Degree in mathematics. Employed for 25 years in IT up to executive level for what became Marconi Communications. Retired in 2001 at the end of the Internet boom and the beginning of the UK Gambling boom. Head-hunted by a London betting syndicate to develop and manage their IT systems. Over 50 articles for Smart(er)SIG on topics ranging from odds calculations for complex events such as knock-out tournaments; through money management techniques borrowed from the field of Quantitative Finance and leading gamblers; to introductory tutorials for prospective Betfair API programmers. Challenging: author of the only magazine article that moved readers to complain to the editor.

Ricky Taylor

Ricky Taylor’s approach to betting is systematic. His website,, was established in 2010 and has scores of satisfied members. It provides expert analysis, systems, strategies and selections to help give you an edge in your punting. The defining feature of the website is that it is dedicated to a systematic approach to betting on horse racing. Therefore the articles, selections and systems that you find on its pages consider form from a scientific point of view, by focusing on evidence and data rather than guesswork.

Eddie Lloyd
Eddie Lloyd has been a professional punter for nearly 4 years now. Having spent 5 years working in the head office of one of the countries biggest bookmakers he’s built up a solid working knowledge of the industry and the skills required to gain an edge in the horse racing markets. He has an extensive portfolio of systems, angles and methods he uses to turn a profit and although embraces technology in this ever evolving industry, still uses pen and paper to work it all out!

Jason Lambert
At just 23 Jason has worked in finance for four years before becoming a data analyst early this year. He’s always had a keen interest in betting and is already making strong headway into a having a career as a betting professional.

Alun Owen
I’m an academic statistician currently working at Loughborough University where I lecture in statistical modelling and undertake research in the analysis of sports data. I completed my PhD part time in 2011, on the topic of Bayesian Dynamic Forecasting Models of Football Match outcomes (although I’d been lecturing for some 20 years by then). Hence my main interests are in statistical models in football, and I also now run a betting advisory service called SystematicSoccer, on the back of this research. If you are interested in this aspect of what I do then please get in touch.

Andy Newton
Having followed horse racing since the age of 16 it was clear as soon as Andy was old enough to place bets legally this was going to be a passion for life.

In 2005 Andy was asked by to be their sports editor, where he created his popular horse racing laying feature – Newts’ Daily Lays – where each day he highlights fancied horses that might not run as well as expected. Andy now works for on a freelance basis so he could free up time to pursue other racing interests. He remains one of their main horse racing tipsters and big race trends expert, while his popular Lay of the Day feature is still going strong.

Andy is a member of the Horserace Writers’ Association, and also works closely with the three time former champion jockey Richard Dunwoody, while has also appeared as one of the featured tipsters in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Weatherby’s Official Cheltenham Festival Guide.

Kieran Ward
Kieran Ward is a professional gambler and betting blogger at He has had a lifelong interest in horseracing and betting and has made it his living for the last 11 years

Michael Wilding
Michael is the editor of SmartSigger and has been a profitable bettor for many years. He’s helped a large number of punters become profitable through his Race Advisor website and is continually looking to develop new methods of racing analysis. His focus is on developing ratings and using them to build betting models that highlight the potential value bets in a race.