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The Jury Returns A Verdict

Written by John F. Jackson

From time to time subscribers write to me with their betting history asking “How could I have made more money here?”

Typically I analyse their results in the fashion described in the sequel, present a few options to improve returns … then the petitioner ignores my recommendations accompanied by comments such as “I would not be comfortable operating in that fashion”.

Undaunted, I enquire how they feel about going to the dentist. “No problem, I go every 6 months … and boy does it hurt when the hygienist does the scaling and polishing!”

If the penny doesn’t drop after my silence … I give up.

Should I instead present a set of my own results and show how strategy XYZ would work?

Perhaps a degree of impersonalisation might be more persuasive?

Most likely this approach would be rejected even more quickly, for what is there to say I haven’t selected just the results to illustrate my pet theory?

So, to try and establish an impartial, yet firm, foundation I’ve decided to use a proofed set of results where I hope there can be no question of manipulation.

Let us suppose (somewhat immodestly) that Timeform has asked us to examine the selections from their Jury service in an effort to improve upon that service’s recommended staking plan.

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