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Using The Right Tools For The Right Job

Written by Jason Lambert

When you first get hold of any data, it will usually come in an MS Excel format with tons of rows and tons of columns. While this is great, pretty much everyone is familiar with a spreadsheet, Excel does have several drawbacks. I’d like to go through some of these drawbacks and suggest an improved way at looking at your data.

The first data I obtained was UK win market data from Betfair. I managed to retrieve 4 year’s worth from the Betfair directory. After spending an age combining all 1460 individual spreadsheets I was eager to get underway looking for a profitable way to play the Horses….

Using The Right Tools For The Job

Just ~350k rows of data and my computer couldn’t deal with even the simplest of tasks without crashing.

This is where I can suggest a new way of storing and analysing your data…

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An Odds Line Creation Concept

Written by Michael Wilding

As the title suggests, what follows is a concept. It’s an idea I’ve been playing around with and as of yet haven’t come to any firm conclusions. But, I thought it would be of value to share the idea.

The idea stemmed a while ago when I was talking to a US player. They were lamenting the fact that they couldn’t place bets on Betfair and, what followed, was a hearty discussion on different markets.

As we know, Betfair is a free market. It’s a sports market formed purely of individuals who want to take different sides of the bet and this results, when there is enough liquidity, in accurate odds.

So I started by looking at the basis of Betfair as a free market and using the knowledge contained within it to see if it was possible to replicate it artificially to create an automatically generated odds line.

The primary aim was to create an effective odds line for betting by means of using a method that required as little “man-handling” as possible. The perfect goal would be to put a range of factors in, let it do its work and have an effective odds line come out.

Unlikely I know, but that was the ultimate goal.

First of all we needed to emulate the quantity of different players needed to create the liquidity. For this we would…

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