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A Beginners Guide To Building Your Own Horse Racing MySQL Database – Part 1 Creating Your Database

Written by Jason Lambert

In last month’s issue, I wrote about the benefits of using a relational database as opposed to using MS Excel.

I am now going to show you the steps to create your database and import data into your database.

For this series, I will be using sample data from the Race Advisor database. You can download this data sample from the SmartSigger members area for January 2013 and it’s called MySQL Horse Racing Data – Part 1.csv

I should start by clarifying that I am by no means an expert, all my knowledge I have learned “on the job” as a data analyst. I know that starting a database and using it can be confusing so I will endeavour to provide clear and easy instructions without too much jargon.

Let’s get started!

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How Good Is The Odds Forecast?

Written by Michael Wilding The inspiration for this article came from an email I read by a US handicapper known as Dave Schwartz and whose writings and thinking are responsible for a lot of my success in betting. His email looked at how accurate the morning prices on US were and I want to do […]

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Paddock Watching

Written by Eddie Lloyd One of the many pleasures of going racing is to stand around the paddock and watch the horses circle before the jockeys mount and go down to the start. As many race goers will know, it’s also a good way of determining which horse to have a bet on. It is […]

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Developing Statistical Models of Horse Racing Outcomes Using R

Written by Alun Owen R is a free software programming environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is rising in popularity because of its flexibility and the fact that it is freely available. If you have not considered what it can offer you in terms of analyzing the data you collect as part of your […]

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Whats Happening In The World Of Racing

Written by Andy Newton I’m writing this as we draw to the end of December. It’s been a wet month in terms of the weather, but despite that we’ve certainly seen some top-notch National Hunt action, and with that plenty more Cheltenham Festival clues. The Queen Mother Champion Chase picture hasn’t really changed much, with […]

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Cat And Mouse: A Runners Tale

Written by Peter Phillips It is common knowledge within the industry that some of the big players struggle to get their money down and often use runners to get on. Within the major online bookmakers there are whole departments devoted to trying to identify who these runners are and who they’re running for. I spent five […]

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A Guide To Dutching

Written by Eddie Lloyd The name dutching is originally thought to have derived from Arthur Flegenheimer also known as Dutch Schultz a prolific 1920’s mobster boss who used the method to gain an edge at the track. By backing several horses in one race it was thought that the then accountant to Al Capone could […]

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Patrick Veitch

Written by Kieran Ward I’m a firm believer that one route to success, in any endeavour, is to study the behaviour, methods and psychology of those who have already achieved that success and then try and replicate their way of operating. If we are looking for success in our gambling endeavours we need to acquire […]

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Bad E/W Races And How To Use Them

Written by Eddie Lloyd Bad e/w races are where a bookie has no choice but to offer an over broke book on the place market of an e/w bet. Savvy punters have been exploiting this loop hole for years and it has proved harder and harder to get on these races with any sizable bet […]

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